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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote education about autism, neurodiversity, and inclusion in elementary schools, and to assist the process wherever we can.

Our goal is for every elementary school classroom in the country to provide a standard, age-appropriate educational program about autism, neurodiversity, and  inclusion for their students, staff, and parents, as well as to create a culture of inclusivity, understanding, and belonging for every child in special education or with an IEP.

There are simply not enough autism inclusion and neurodiversity education programs taught to general-ed students in U.S. schools. And without them, students who identify with those populations, many of whom cannot speak for themselves, lose their sense of understanding, belonging, and community within their own classrooms and among their peers. This makes it necessary and urgent to bring this education to our schools now so that our autistic and neurodivergent kids can feel like the integral parts of their school communities that they are. This is their right and they deserve it.


And let's start with our youngest students, because their natural curiosity and limited preconcieved notions and biases about the world make them more open and receptive to new information. Let's teach them about the beauty of neurodiversity and the importance of inclusion as early as possible so they can live and model those values their entire lives, creating a more inclusive and accepting generation.

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