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Theodore Bearkins
Lost His Blue Sunglasses

In Bookstores Now!!!


Written by
Gina DeGregorio-Sonbert

Illustrated by
Claudie C. Bergeron

Order Now!

Theodore Bearkins Lost His Blue Sunglasses is available NOW in hardcover, paperback, and e-book on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, at Walmart, and wherever books are sold!

A portion of proceeds benefit Families For Inclusion, supporting education about autism to pre-school and elementary children! 

Meet The Characters


Sharky may be a little grumpy, but his growl is worse than his bite!

Sally Starfish

The fanciest friend on the beach, Sally Starfish loves the finer things in life!


Candy Crab

Candy Crab is a meditating, yoga teacher who always keeps the peace!


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